PIRATES of PENZANCE - 2000 - Photo Album

"Pour, O pour the Pirate sherry!" "I was a stupid nurserymaid..." "Well, it's the top of the tide and we must be off."
"For I am a Pirate King!" "By all that's marvelous, a bevy of beautiful maidens!"
"My love unabaiting has been accumulating forty-seven years!"
"What a picturesque spot!" "Take heart, fair days will shine; Take any heart - take mine!" "Too late! Ha! Ha! Too late! Ha! Ha!?"
"Here's a first rate opportunity to get married with impunity..."
"Yes, yes I am a Major- General." "We object to Magor-Generals as fathers-in-law..." "Oh, dry the glistening tear that dews that martial cheek..."
"Go ye heroes, go to glory, though you die in combat gory..."
"Have mercy on us, hear us, ere you slaughter."
"A paradox, a paradox..." "A policeman's lot is not a happy one." "The pirates! The pirates! Oh, dispair!"
"We triumph now, for well we trow..."
"We charge you yield, in Queen Victoria's name."
"They are all noblemen who have gone wrong."
"Poor wandering ones!  Though ye have surely strayed..."
[Finale & Curtain Call]

Savoyard Light Opera Company
Update: 25-Apr-2001 BAH