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Iolanthe - 1991
Original Production
Savoy Theatre, London, November 25, 1882

Written by: W. S. Gilbert
Composed by: Arthur Sullivan
SLOC Production
Nov. 8, 9, 15, 16, at 8:00pm 
Nov. 10 at 2:00pm - 1991

Corey Auditorium, Carlisle, MA

Phyllis: Donna Parry
Strephon: Brian Harris
Iolanthe: Leslie Maglitta
Fairy Queen: Adele Keohan
Lord Chancellor: Paul Janota
Lord Mountararat: Michael Mendyke
Lord Tolloller: Richard Bissell
Private Willis: Ray Thackeray
Celia: Cynthia Cascante
Leila: Jennifer M. Pigg
Fleta: Anastasia Sakellaris

Chorus of Fairies:
Susan Avery, Sarah Ballard, Sarah Brannen, 
Janice Dallas, Mary DeGarmo, Patricia Dwyer, 
Leslie Kmetz, Ann Laak, Stephanie Osser, 
Joan Peterson, Linda Rings

Chorus of Peers:
Ralph Anderson, Dave Brooks, Phil Drew, 
Don Emmons, John Finni, Rollin Jeglum, 
Joel Lindsay, Tom Wilson, Tommy Olof Elder


Stage Director: Lora Chase
Music Director: Willis Traphagan
Producer: Alan Cameron

Asst. Music Director: Yvonne DuPont
Technical Director: Ron Dallas
Set Design: Brian Harris
Lighting Design: Mark Guetersloh
Costumer: Sharon Groth
Wigs, Wings & Wands: Ron and Janice Dallas
Makeup: Mary McPherson
Hair Design: Dellaria Salon
Set Construction: Kurt Lanza
Orchestra Managers: Bill & Nancy Burdine
Rehearsal Pianist: Barbara Lipstadt
Poster & Art Design: Betsey Hazelton, Gail Constable, David Rubel
Program: Vicky Cvitan, Philip Drew
Publicity: Tamasin Wilson
Photography:  David Chase
Box Office: Debbie Jancek, Meredith Cameron
House Manager: Sally Hayen
Audition Coordinator: Phyllis Staffier


1991 Board of Directors:

President: Mary DeGarmo
Vice President: Brian Harris
Treasurer: Philip Drew
Secretary: Laura Schall Gouillart
Librarian: Mary McPherson
Members at large: Ron Dallas, Alessandra Kingsford, Kurt Lanza, Donna Parry


Poster Cast Photo Set Design  Photos 

(design by Betsy Hazelton)

(photography by Dave Chase)



Act I

Act II
(design by Brian Harris)

"Tripping hither, tripping thither..."

"I see no objection to stoutness, in moderation."

"For we're to be married today, today..."

"For she’s seventeen, and he is five-and-twenty!"

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