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The Pirates of Penzance - 2000
Original Production
Fifth Avenue Theater, New York, December 31, 1879
Written by: W. S. Gilbert
Composed by: Arthur Sullivan
SLOC Production
Nov. 10, 11, 17, 18 at 8:00pm
. 12, 19 at 2:00pm - 2000
Corey Auditorium, Carlisle, MA

Major-General Stanley: Eric Ruben
The Pirate King: Fred Furnari
Samuel (his Lieutenant): Rick Barnes
Frederick (the Pirate Apprentice): Craig Hanson
Sergeant of Police: Bob Russell
Mabel (Major-Geneneral Stanley's youngest daughter): Molly-Jo Bessey
Kate (another daughter): Christine Hamel
Edith (yet another daughter): Elaine Crane
Isabel (still another daughter): Beth Fielding
Ruth (a Pirate Maid-of-all-work): Amy Allen

Major-General Stanley's daughters:
Sarah Ballard, Jackie Buchwald, Kathleen Carter, 
Keiko Clark, Leslie Comperchio, Mary DeGarmo, 
Christina Fiorentino, Julie Kingman, 
Nectaria Kordan, Judy Lemoine, Pat McDonald,
Ruth Owen, Karen Rogers, Mary Turner

Pirates & Policemen:
Phillip Anderson, Robert Guillette, Rollin Jeglum, 
Victor Jones, Mike Lague, Ron Lemoine, 
Andrew Lindberg, Larry Millner, Tony Parks, 
Jonathan Saul, Graham Taylor.


Stage Director: Donna DeWitt
Music Director: Phil Lauriat
Choreographer: Drea Zollo

Stage Manager/Staging Coordinator: Tina Zolla
Orchestra Managers: Bill & Nancy Burdine
Assistant Stage Manager:  Patrick Beeson
Technical Director: Scott Henderson
Set Design: Brian Harris
Lighting Design: Scott Henderson
Costume Design:  Susan Schmidt
Set Construction:  Kurt Lanza (chief), David Owen
Set Painting: Brian Harris (chief), David Kay,
Muriel Hervy, Karen Rogers

Master Electrician/Light Board: Scott Henderson
Lighting Crew: David Larrick, Jonathan Owen,
David Owen, Tom Powers

Properties:  Kristen Forsberg
Stage Crew:  Kurt Lanza, Brian Harris
Audition Managers: David Owen, Eric Miller
Rehearsal Accompanist: Millie Vigneault
Poster & Art Design: Brian Harris
Program Layout & Production: David Owen, Tony Parks
Program Ads: Larry Millner, Mary DeGarmo, Jonathan Owen
Publicity: Kathleen Carter
Ticket Manager: Frank Minosh 
House Manager: Eric Miller
Refreshments Coordinator: Ruth Owen
Photographer:  Lois D'Annunzio


2000 Board of Directors:

President: Larry Millner
Vice President: Brian Harris
Treasurer: Scott Henderson
Secretary: Ruth Owen
Members at Large: Laura Gouillart, Frank Minosh, Susan Schmidt


Poster Cast Photo Set Design  Photos 

(design by Brian Harris)

Act 1 - The Rocky
Coast of Cornwall

Act 2 - A Ruined
Chapel by Moonlight
(design by Brian Harris)

(photography by
Richard Bissell)



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