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The Pirates of Penzance - 2009
Original Production
Opéra Comique, London, April 3, 1880
Written by: W. S. Gilbert
Composed by: Arthur Sullivan
SLOC Production
November 2009
Corey Auditorium, Carlisle, MA

Major-General Stanley - Tom Frates
The Pirate King - Lonnie Powell
Frederic - Ethan Butler
Samuel  - Rick Barnes
Sergeant of Police - Mike Lague
Ruth - Laura Gouillart
Mabel - Diana Doyle
Edith - Robin Farnsley
Kate - Susan Craft
Isabel - Connell Benn

Pirates & Police
Philip Drew - David Fitch - Rollin Jeglum
Bill Hoermann -  Jim Miller - Larry Millner
Alan Rowher - Jon Saul

Pirate Apprentices 
Ben Collison - William Parra

General Stanley's Daughters
Diana Cioffari - Debbie Crane - Patricia Dwyer
Sally Harris - Jill Henderson - Elizabeth Hoermann
Fran Hunt - Julie Kingman - Linda St. Francis
Youngest Daughters - Emilie Carr - Harriet Ketchen




Poster Cast Photo Set Design  Photos 

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Act I
A Rocky Coast

Act II
A Ruined Chapel by Moonlight

 (design by Brian Harris)

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